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Asbestos-containing material (ACM) has been used as housing materials in roughly one million homes in Australia. The chance of your house being contaminated by fibrous products is higher if it was built or renovated more than 28 years ago. ACM awareness is needed when you know that your house belongs to the ‘old house category’.

The type of fibrous product that might be found is in the form of asbestos cement (AC) sheeting.

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Various fibrous products used by the construction industry, including:

  • Cement products
  • Roofing
  • Plastics
  • Fire resistant board
  • Floor finishes and ceiling tiles
  • Thermal insulation and fireproofing

What is AC sheeting?

Also known as fibro, fibrous cement sheet is a non-friable or bonded ACM. AC sheeting is a construction material used in numerous countries including Australia, where it was most widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. AC sheet is made of ACM cement. The sheet is rigid, solid, and is not easily crushed, or reduced to powder by the hand power. The ACM fibres are firmly bound in the product. At normal condition, the fibre in the product is not released into the air.

AC sheet commonly used as roofing or cladding was used mostly because of its durability and low price. By adding chrysotile or white ACM (around 5 to 15% of the total product) into the cement, it provided durability, fireproofing and insulation properties. One of the reasons why the building industry uses the AC sheet is due to its ability to prevent fire from spreading, thus it makes houses and building safer.

AC was used for building materials, including:

  • Exterior wall cladding
  • Roofing
  • Fencing
  • Floor tiles backing
  • Domestic heaters and hot water pipes insulation
  • Water pipes

The most common form of fibro is the flat sheet fibro. The flat sheet fibro is often applied in external cladding, garages, and sheds. The flat sheeting was plainly fastened to the wooden framed structure, therefore, making building inexpensive. That is why it is still extensively used until now. Fibro can sometimes be discovered inside houses, including toilet, backrooms and game rooms.

How to Identify AC in Your House?

It would be very difficult to identify the AC in the product unless the product used for roofing or cladding has weathered then you can be sure that the product contains fibrous material.

Another method to ensure that the material in your home contains fibrous products is by having it tested. Asbestos testing is the only way to be 100% certain about the presence of fibrous materials.

Is Asbestos Cement Sheeting Dangerous?

It will not pose any risk if the sheet is not disturbed, damaged or weathered because it is bound to the cement. AC is considered to be a very low hazard for people having contact with it, but people should take a safe preventive measure when the material is disturbed.

However, if the ACM cement sheet is broken or damaged, then some ACM fibres can be airborne and afterwards be inhaled. That is when the non-friable fibres become friable and pose some health hazard. Therefore, it is necessary for a homeowner to have an ACM register containing a detailed data of fibrous products at home. The register will help the owner and contractors during refurbishment or renovation for taking initial precautions and avoiding any risk of being exposed to this fibre.

These are some examples of non-friable ACM:

  • AC sheet
  • AC moulded products
  • Vinyl floor tiles
  • Bitumen-based water proofing

Before You Remove the ACM Cladding

Before deciding to do a removal of the house cladding, it is best for you to do some tests to prevent a further disturbance and contamination.

To do the test, you are recommended to hire a professional assessor who holds a license. An asbestos testing can be a dangerous process, so it requires a professional who has the expertise and experience in identifying the location of fibrous materials in your home.

The benefits of having the asbestos inspection and test can help you in taking some measures in minimising the exposure and risk. By having the ACM test, you can plan in advance and manage the safest condition for your family and surrounding society.

If you plan to continue with a removal process, after testing, you will need an ACM control plan. The control plan will provide you information like the method of removal, the quantity of materials being removed, equipment to be used, and program for monitoring airborne.

Is It DIY for Testing Legal?

Although DIY for testing is allowed, it is NOT strongly recommended. DIY will surely help you in ensuring the financial efficiency, but you are dealing with a dangerous material. For DIY, you need to have some protective kits such as disposable overall, mask, eyewear, gloves, or sealed bags, that will prevent you from being exposed to the fibres during the process. Apart from having the safety kits, you also have to follow some instruction for DIY.

Here are some steps in doing the test:

  1. Identify the suspected material
  2. Prepare the protective equipment and turn off any appliances that can suck away some particles.
  3. Wet the area repeatedly and make sure that the mist disperses in all areas.
  4. Cut a small section of some suspected material and place it in a sealed plastic bag. Do not forget to label the bag by writing the sample collection’s date and time
  5. Send the suspected material for sampling to NATA accredited lab

Choosing a Professional ACM Testing

Various ads about professional removalists can confuse you. To avoid yourself from frauds and scams, make sure you carefully select the removalist. ACM is a deadly material, and any misleading information can end up in a severe health disaster. Before hiring, you should check whether the company could provide a comprehensive testing and carry out the testing procedure according to local and national regulations. Another thing to be considered before hiring is to check whether they can also provide an analysis report from a NATA accredited lab for the entire sample.

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The Asbestos Testing Wollongong Service and Process

Why do need Asbestos Testing Wollongong Service? Because you will need a well-trained and trusted contractor that can:

  • Handle the ACM testing in compliance with the regulations
  • Provide an inclusive report of the fibrous material location in your home, including the inaccessible spots
  • Perform a safe and clean testing

Through Clear Asbestos Removal Wollongong, you can get a contractor that can fulfil all the above requirements. The local contractors we work with have passed a comprehensive test. They also possess an accredited B-Class license, have followed sufficient training and obtained certification for handling jobs such as removal and testing in residential and commercial premises.

A different case of fibre exposures will need a different service, such as air monitoring, demolition, emergency repair, consultant or soil remediation. However, if you need an asbestos testing Wollongong service, you can get in touch with our members.

They provide four core services, including: Asbestos removal Wollongong, testing, roof removal, and management plan.

If you are worried about the disposal of the waste, our members can also provide a safe disposal process. The debris waste will be transported to a permitted area.

Are you also worried about the cost of Asbestos Testing Wollongong Services? All the services provided by our endorsed members worth the prices you will pay. Their excellent services and results will give you no time to complain. Besides, what could be more important than health? Even money will mean nothing if you can have healthiness.

Dial the number and request Asbestos Testing Wollongong services now to ease your worries.

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