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When asbestos meets natural disaster. Tropical Cyclone Debbie hit Bowen and devastated many houses. As the storm died down, residents began to return to their homes. However, one resident was forced to seek refuge in his friend’s home. While wearing a mask, he packed all his belongings and left the house. He made the right decision for if he insisted on returning to his house, it would surely kill him.

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The thing that prevented him from returning home is asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) found in his wrecked home. When his house was assessed by the emergency service, an ACM was found in his roof. David Thicker, Bowen State Emergency Service, said that most houses built before 1984 were possible to have ACMs in them.

Which House Has ACMs?

As previously mentioned by the State Emergency Service of Bowen, properties built prior to 1984 are likely containing fibrous materials.


It went back to the history of asbestos. Since the late 1800s, friable asbestos products have been widely used in commercial and industrial premises for soundproofing, insulation, and fireproofing properties. Houses also used the products and those homes built before 1990 might still use those friable products.

As for their use in Australia, asbestos cement (AC) products were commonly used for residential building materials since the mid-1940s until the late 1980s. Throughout the 1980s, AC materials were eliminated in exchange of ACM-free products. On 31 December 2003, the production, import, use, reuse, shipment, storage or sale of ACMs was totally banned.

Thus, houses constructed before 1990 have a huge possibility of containing AC sheets, particularly in internal and external wall cladding, the eaves, ceiling, and fences.

Asbestos for Roofing

The most common use of ACMs in Australia was as a roofing material. The most well-known form of ACMs for roofing was a corrugated fibro product produced by James Hardie Ltd.

Compared to corrugated iron, corrugated fibro is thicker, and over time it can get weathered. Wear and tear indicates a change in the material structure. Being exposed to sun and rain for quite long times, the fibro will soon begin to deteriorate. Additionally, a natural disaster such as cyclone contributes to the damage of the roofs.

When a fibrous material starts to disintegrate, it could change into powder. Moreover, a storm or cyclone will cause the powder to get airborne. The fact that asbestos fibro contains higher ACM concentration than other types of fibro adds more horrible risks to health.

Should the Roof Be Removed?

If you are in a daze, thinking of what you should do with your ACM roof, whether having it removed or replaced, you can put the facts below into your consideration:

  • Once your roofs are weathered, the greater the risk of deterioration will be. This condition will surely affect the safety and health of your family, and people living near you.
  • According to some property owners, if your house has ACM roofs, it will be hard to be sold. It’s only natural since no one wants to live side-by-side with deadly fibres.
  • Insurance will be costly for houses with roofs containing a fibrous product. Even insurance company might refuse to insure houses with ACM roofs.
  • Sooner or later the roof will definitely need to be removed due to weathering. The sooner you have it removed, the better it will be. It will minimise your risk of being exposed to the fibre if it is accidentally disturbed by a natural disaster or when the deterioration gets worse.

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What Preventive Measure Needs to Be Taken for Removal?

There is a little confusion in distinguishing friable and non-friable asbestos roof. According to a statement, the frailty of the roof with a fibrous product will pose the same hazard as the friable ACM. In contrast to that statement, WorkCover NSW considers the roof with fibrous materials as non-friable.

Whether it is friable or non-friable, we always need to be very careful around fibrous roofs. Having awareness is important when you live under hazardous roofs.

The possible measure you can take related to ACM roofing is doing a survey or inspection. The survey is best done by a licensed contractor, as they will have to audit your property to perform a proper ACM identification. They will also provide a report that includes a recommendation on how to do the removal and management processes.

The purpose of ACM survey, including:

  • Managing all fibrous products in your property
  • Providing precise information related to location, quantity and condition of fibrous products there
  • Evaluating the damage or deterioration level of the fibrous material and whether or not a remedial action is needed
  • Preparing an ACM register or a control plan
  • Identifying all fibrous materials to be removed before a renovation or a demolition project

Is DIY for Survey Possible?

DIY is allowed for testing, but you have to minimise the disturbance of the fibre. Make sure you DO NOT endanger yourself and the surrounding people. Peter Tighe, chief executive of Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency, warned that many Rookie DIY putting themselves at risk of hazardous ACM-related diseases.

Still planning on DIY for testing? In that case, apart from having protective kits like gloves, sealed bags, overall, eyewear, footwear and mask; you must be familiar with the information related to a sampling process. You can find the information here

If the location is too difficult for you to access or if the size is too big, leave it to a professional assessor for they have followed some long hours of training and obtained certification for handling such task.

When Should the Survey Be Performed?

Prior to renovation and demolition, you will have to request for a survey to identify all the fibrous materials hidden in your house. This is to prevent any disturbance of the fibrous products that will cause the debris of the fibre to be airborne and inhaled.

Asbestos Roof Removal Process

Do you have roofs with fibrous material? Are they weathering or deteriorating? Do you plan on doing a roof removal? Clear Asbestos Removal Wollongong is ready at your service. We will help you getting connected to well-trained local contractors who are familiar with jobs such as testing and removal in commercial and residential areas. What even better is that you can also request for a control plan prior to removal. The control plan will inform you about the method, quantity, type and equipment need for removing the material.

Our endorsed contractors hold a B-Class license that ensures you all the procedures will be performed in compliance with local and national regulations.

Planning on removing the roof? Why don’t you use asbestos roof removal Wollongong services? We suggest you to contact our members because they have four exceptional services that may be suitable for your project, such as:

  • Asbestos Removal
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Asbestos Roof Removal
  • Asbestos Management Plan

In addition to asbestos roof removal Wollongong services, there are other services related to fibrous products including emergency repair, air monitoring, demolition, consultant, and soil remediation.

Have you decided to do a removal? Do you need roof removal Wollongong services now? Contact our members immediately. You will not be disappointed. The prices you pay will worth the clean and safe result you will get. You will also be assisted with the disposal by having it transported to a legal landfill.

To help you with a financial scheme, you can ask for three free quotes, therefore, you will not have to worry about additional cost.

Get asbestos roof removal Wollongong service now and live free without dangerous fibres.

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