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The Asbestos Removal Wollongong Process

Asbestos threats can make even the safest places become unsafe. They can affect not only structural buildings, but also nature, like the one found in Lagoon Beach. Surprisingly, the material has been there for about 30 years. For 30 years, without us knowing, we may have been living side by side with this fibrous material.

Are You Safe from Asbestos?

Seemingly, there is no single place that is free from asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) nowadays.

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When we talk about the connection between Australia and this fibrous material, we need to go back to the past. The use of ACMs for housing material had been started since the end of World War II. Due to their durability and low price, they were used extensively in the construction industry.

Just recently, in 31st December, 2003 for exact, ACM products were fully banned all over Australia. However, the ban does not include the installation of fibres before this date. Therefore, information concerning the findings of some fibrous products in domestic, public or commercial premises, keeps on adding day by day as the legacy from the past. The situation requires people to increase their level of awareness to prevent people from getting affected.

Recent news informed that Lagoon Beach closed due to the detection of asbestos in Parks and Wildlife

How About Your House?

As mentioned previously, houses built before the 1990s have a high possibility of being contaminated by fibres. Your house, if you know that it was built or renovated in the mid-1980s, is no exception. So, do take a precaution step.

Do Asbestos Testing

If you decide to do an ACM testing, it is the best thing to do. Having your house tested will give you a feeling of certainty and security if the testing informs you that your home contains some fibrous products, you will know what to perform next.

Prior to your renovation plans, you must take this step. Don’t let your renovation project ends with horror because you accidently remove or break some fibrous materials. Instead of having a new chic place, you end up having your family and people around you exposed to the fibre.

Testing also helps you to secure the value of your property. If your property happens to be affected by fibrous products, you can immediately do a removal process. Once it is clean, it can add the value to your property.

To ensure a thorough testing, you would be recommended to hire a competent removalist since he is going to conduct a testing and sampling process that followed the regulations.

Following the test, you are going to be given a report concerning the finding of fibres in your home. All information about the identification, the risk assessment and the control measures of the fibre is going to be recorded in an asbestos register.

How Do We Know If an Assessor is a Competent One?

A competent assessor should:

  • Have a proper training, expertise and experience to identify suspected fibrous materials and determine the proper control measures.
  • Be accustomed to construction and building practices to figure the suspected location of fibrous materials in your house.
  • Be able to determine if the material is non-friable or friable and further assess its condition

If you do not have the capability of doing a detailed and safe inspection, it will be wiser for you to hire a consultant for example. Otherwise, you will endanger yourself during the process.

Where Can You Find ACMs?

Sadly, the use of fibrous products in housing was very massive. There were almost 30,000 house materials that contain ACMs. So, it can be found anywhere even in the most unexpected places, like ironing board cover.

You must be wondering how an ironing board cover can contain a dangerous fibre? Well, if it was made before 1988, it might contain the fibre, and you could have been exposed to a low level of ACM because of that.

These are the locations that are likely to contain fibrous products:

Location Products

  • Moulded vents
  • Exterior wall
  • Electricity meter and fuse box
  • Window and door mouldings, window rope and putty
  • Wall cladding

  • Kitchen
  • Walls
  • Splashbacks Ceilings
  • Hot water insulation
  • Underlay sheeting for ceramic tiles
  • Backing of vinyl floor tiles
  • Cement sheeting ceilings

  • Bathroom
  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Hot water insulation
  • Shower lining
  • Backing to wall tiles
  • Sheet walls

  • Downpipes
  • Roof
  • Flue exhausts
  • Eaves
  • Roof sheeting
  • Guttering
  • Loose roof insulation
  • Lining under eaves
  • Ridge tiles
  • Rainwater heads
  Plant and Boiler room:

  • Plant / boiler room

  • Gaskets
  • Switchboard
  • Fire door (with an ACM core)
  • Flues
  • Plant and other machinery containing ACM gasket/seals
  • Pipe lagging


Is DIY Allowed for Removal?

Yes, it is. However, if you plan to do DIY for removal, you have to follow certain strict rules related to the removal and disposal of ACMs to minimise fibre exposures during the work.

First and foremost, you must wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as eyewear, mask, coveralls, footwear, and gloves. You also have to prepare other equipment before removing the material, such as:

  • Plastic sheet
  • Tape
  • Thick plastic sheeting or bags

More instructions on removing the fibrous product safely tips read here.

Second, the size of the material that is allowed to be removed is not more than 10m2. The type of the ACM is non-friable and the length of time for the process should not more than one hour in one week. Don’t forget that you must dispose of the contaminated materials in thick, double-wrapped, and labeled plastic bags to a permitted waste disposal area.

asbestos removal can save nature from asbestos affect

If you do DIY, you must take some precautions. It is also strongly recommended for an individual who plans to do DIY to take a training course to ensure that he/she is doing the asbestos removal process safely.

Looking for a Professional and Trusted Removalist?

If you are looking for a professional removalist that is trustworthy, why don’t you get in touch with our endorsed members? Clear Asbestos Removal Wollongong can surely connect you with well-trained and certified local contractors. We only work with contractors that have followed some training and obtained certifications for conducting jobs related to fibrous products in domestic and commercial premises.

They also have a license that authorises them to do services, including: Asbestos removal Wollongong, testing, roof removal and management Plan.

All those four services are the main services provided by our endorsed members. By hiring a Class-B license holder, you can be sure that all work will be performed according to the local and national regulations.

Our members can also assist you with a control plan. ACM control plan is needed prior to removal to know what kind of procedures planned to be applied for the removing job, the estimation of quantity and type of the fibrous material to be removed, or equipment recommended to be used, including PPE.

By using asbestos removal Wollongong services, you can expect an excellent and safe outcome. Your health and safety are the main priority. Therefore, once the work is over, the area will be cleaned and the contaminated products will be disposed of to a legal landfill.

Other removalists might offer services, such as emergency repair, air monitoring, demolition, consultant or soil remediation with low prices, but you should not choose a removalist solely because of a price.

What our approved contractors offer is quality services, that will meet not only your financial scheme, but also your wish for a safe and clean outcome. As you are free to ask for three quotes from different contractors, this will help you estimate the money you need to spend for the project.

Make your move now by dialing the number and requesting asbestos removal Wollongong services, and you will be free from worries.

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