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Asbestos Management Plan Wollongong

The place where your children is supposed to be able to study safe and sound, now turned into a hazardous place that poses a risk to their health.

Asbestos alarm for dozens of SA schools

The above headline will surely evoke your awareness of the existence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) near your children.

asbestos management plan Wollongong

According to the state government buildings’ register, there are 55 schools belong to so-called the contamination “category 2” in 149 areas. Additionally, the contamination was also found in 14 hospitals, libraries, national parks, and government offices.

Is Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) Important?

What is “Category 2” Contamination?

The nature contamination of asbestos is categorised into three groups.

  • The first group is asbestos-containing material (ACM) that is in good condition even though it is very likely broken or fragmented, and the ACM is bound in a matrix, for example, ACM vinyl tiles or fencing.
  • The second category is labeled as fibrous asbestos (FA) and includes friable ACMs, such as seriously weathered ACMs, and loose fibrous form of ACM-like products of insulation.
  • The third group is referred as asbestos fine (AF). AF comprises of free ACM fibre, small bundles of fibre and also ACM fragments that get pass a 7mm x 7mm sieve. FA and AF, both of them can potentially generate or be related to free ACM fibres that can cause a significant risk of inhalation if it is released into the air.

For more information on category of the contamination of fibrous materials, you can read here

The Risks of Contamination

When the ACM transforms into tiny fibre and then inhaled by humans, that is when the fibre starts to jeopardize the health. Moreover, if it remains in the lungs, the fibre can generate serious diseases. However, it will take years for the disease to create severe effects to our health. The impacts are likely to be a result of high-level exposures often mostly related to occupation. However, mesothelioma, the disease caused by this dangerous fibre, can be caused by low-level exposures.

The inhalation of the particles of fibrous material has caused 10,000 deaths from cancer, starting from the 1980s. There will be 25,000 more death cases expected due to ACMs in the upcoming four decades.

With the long history of the use of this dangerous fibre for construction materials, it will not be surprising if schools built or renovated before 1980s are likely to contain fibrous products. The products can be found in different places within schools.

The friable form that can be crumbled by hand power poses a great concern, as this form of fibre can easily be airborne and inhaled into our lungs.

The example of friable form of fibrous products, including:

  • Pipe wrap insulation
  • Damaged steam pipes or boiler wrap
  • Damaged wallboard, drywall or plaster
  • Broken floor tiles, roofing or ceiling panels
  • Worn out soundproofing material
  • Exfoliated paint

With the presence of some products containing hazardous fibres in schools, the government requires schools to protect their students and employees from the exposure of fibrous materials. The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) along with its regulation demand all schools to:

  • Do an inspection on their schools for buildings with ACM
  • Prepare an AMP and perform some actions to avoid or reduce the hazard of materials containing dangerous fibre

What is AMP?

It is a safe management of ACMs employed to protect those who work or live together with hazardous products. They should have a plan related to the risk of exposure of fibrous material written, maintained, and reevaluated once it is identified.

An AMP is needed to ensure that:

  • Any material suspected or known to contain fibrous materials are kept in good condition
  • If a material is deteriorated, or its location poses a certain risk, then the material is needed to be removed or repaired appropriately
  • Clear communication lines are available, and everybody knows what they have to do and their responsibilities when handling ACM
  • All information about the place and condition of the fibrous material is provided to anyone with the risk
  • Processes are applied to manage and control any fibrous materials disturbance in the building.

school are contaminated with asbestos - AMP Wollongong

The AMP commonly should have details on how to handle and treat the fibrous products as well as outline the fundamental responsibilities and role of individuals in charge, surely determining who should do what and when.

The AMP must:

  • Locate the place of fibrous materials and any ACM occurring caused by nature
  • Contain decisions and their reasons about managing the fibre at the workplace or residential place such as a safe working procedure and control measures
  • Arrange a scheme of procedures for any incidents and emergencies related to fibrous products, including who is in charge
  • Be kept updated
  • Be reevaluated every five years at least or when required by a health and safety representative (HSR) or when there is a removal of fibrous material or when the plan is no longer sufficient
  • Be able to be accessed by anyone in the building, has performed or intend to perform the work in the workplace and a health and safety representatives representing workers at the working place
  • Give information, consultation and training of responsibilities to workers performing the work with fibrous products

Formerly, you have to get ACM inspection and testing. The purpose is to ensure whether the building contains any fibrous product. You can ask a professional removalist, and it is strongly recommended because the professional has a license and the expertise to do the jobs.

Is DIY possible for the testing?

Yes, it is possible and permitted. However, you have to know that doing an asbestos testing work requires skills and experiences and can only be obtained through training. Remember, you are dealing with dangerous materials, so you have to own protective kits such as a disposable coverall, gloves, mask, plastic sheet or thick sealed bags. Also, you are also required to perform a safe procedure that in compliance with the regulations. A single mistake in handling the material can lead a serious health problem.

Before conducting the testing, an expert will perform sampling. Samples will be taken to and checked in an accredited NATA lab and the result comes out in the form of a report. The report includes the location and the types of the ACMs. After having the report, you can start to take some significant actions on the existence of the fibre in your home. Make sure you are ready with the control plan before you do the removal of this fibre. This will help you minimise the risk of danger.

Asbestos Management Plan Wollongong Services

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