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Your child can be exposed to carcinogens!

A carcinogen?
Yes, a carcinogen. It is widely known that carcinogens can cause cancer. Several substances, such as benzene, Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), Ethylene Dibromide (EDB), and asbestos-containing material (ACM) have been categorised as human carcinogen.

Recent findings in New South Wales implied that hundreds of schools were possibly contaminated with the hazardous ACM. Some parents have informed the ABC that they were afraid of having their children exposed to fibro ACM sheeting used in school ovals and playgrounds.

Check again!

The case with the school playground and school oval should raise your awareness. Can you imagine? Even places that are supposed to be free from dangerous fibrous can still be contaminated. Protect your children. Start doing early detection. Identify the rooms that regularly occupied by your children. For a start, you should check your children’s bedroom. You will never know what’s hiding inside the room.

The possible locations of harmful fibres in the bedroom are:

1. Walls

The worst thing about dealing with this dangerous fibre is that we cannot see it with naked eyes. It has to be taken to the lab. Sampling should be done in a certified lab. However, you can identify whether or not your children’s bedroom has plaster walls. It is usually not a problem if the deadly fibre is left untouched.

Next, check for mould. Can a mould be dangerous? Yes. It can. Mould will appear if the condition of the room is damp and humid, such as a non-ventilated room. Mould is actually severely toxic and it can be quite hazardous and very deadly. It attacks the respiratory system of our children and if your children exposed to mould, he or she can catch asthma and cold.

If you see any sheet or fibro panel; this is also something you should be alert with. Some of the sheet marks contain dangerous fibre. If your house was built in the1950s until 70s, it might contain harmful fibro. Check the history of your house. It will help you trace its presence.

2. Ceilings

ACMs are quite commonly used for roofing and fencing materials. In between the 1950s and 1980s, harmful fibrous ceilings were commonly used in residential houses. They were used for fireproofing and heat resistance. Such ceilings are likely to contain chrysotile, amosite, and crocidotile. Those possibly unfamiliar names are common types of the dangerous fibres.

3. Floors

For many years vinyl sheeting has been used as a floor covering because of its remarkable endurance and chemical resistance properties. As a matter of fact, vinyl sheeting is often free from harmful fibrous materials. However, the backing, which is the side attached to the floor, often contains friable ACMs. Small damages will not cause the fibres become airborne, but do not let these sheets be scrapped since they can be deteriorated easily.

FYI: Are you familiar with vinyl tiles? Vinyl tiles are often made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and often contain around 5% of fibres. Comparatively, they are less hazardous than vinyl sheeting.

4. Toys and Crayons

You must be wondering how can a crayon risk your children’s health? An investigation report from public health watchdog and EWG Action Fund revealed that kid’s crayons that are sold in Australia contain deadly fibrous products. Not just crayon, you also need to check your children’s toys. The report also revealed that some toys shipped to Australia from online retailers contain harmful fibres.

Home Page Infographic - Central CoastFind out more about fibrous materials by accessing the sources below:

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What happened if you find damaged walls, ceilings or floors?

You are suggested to contact a licensed removalist. Any DIY attempt is not recommended, especially if it involves disturbing friable materials. DIY is permitted by the regulations with certain requirements. For instance, you will need some kits, such as an overall suit, thick plastic bags, gloves, etc. According to the regulations, a person who does not hold a license is only authorised to do a removal of non-friable materials only if the area does not exceed than 10m2. Furthermore, the whole time of the process should not be more than one hour per 7 days.

Do you need asbestos removal and testing services?

Clear Asbestos Removal Wollongong, we are ready to connect you to our endorsed removalists. Our approved contractors have received a training and certification for handling asbestos removal and testing jobs. They have a B-class license and the qualification for handling asbestos removal and testing work in various places, such as residential and commercial premises. They will perform asbestos removal and testing projects in accordance with the regulations.

Every ACM problems requires different treatments, such as:

  • Asbestos demolition: Demolition work involves demolishing a load-bearing structure or changing the physical integrity of a structure.
  • Air monitoring: Assessment of exposure and control measures effectiveness of airborne sample. Air monitoring must be performed in accordance with Safe Work Australia’s guidance note on the estimation of airborne particles.
  • Emergency repair: For any emergency repair, the work has to be documented to make sure that no worker will be harmed by the deadly materials.
  • Soil remediation: It refers to different processes planned to remove contaminants from soil.
  • Cnsultant: The works involve making material surveys, air monitoring, clearance inspection and suggestions on unexpected findings, soil assessment, consultation, and project management.


Services provided by our members mostly focus on these following asbestos services:

  • Asbestos removal Wollongong
  • Testing
  • Management plan
  • Roof removal

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Clear Asbestos Removal Wollongong helps you to get in touch with reliable contractors for asbestos removal, testing, roof removal, and management plans.

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